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Today we are going to talk about how to download the mAadhaar App? And how can you set it up? The mAadhaar Card Mobile App was launched in July itself, but there were some bugs in it because the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) took some time to fix its bugs and introduced new ones. But now the mAadhaar app is completely ready.

You should often see that Aadhar people's cards are lost and if needed anywhere. So he has no knowledge but if he has an Aadhar card app. So there is no need to worry because the Aadhaar card can be found with your number and you can view it and download it whenever you want.

How we will tell you here is a mobile app where Masked Aadhaar Card can be downloaded and that you can show your Aadhaar card online anywhere. It also has an official price and people can use it at the airport, in traffic challan, everywhere through Madhur.

In terms of security, the government has now made the Aadhar card secure and finds the hidden Aadhar, where you do not see the number. But the mobile app is a safer way. Here you will find many such sites online that are very helpful in emergencies. In that case, if you pick it up on the phone, then you don't have to worry.

Any mobile number is registered on your Aadhar card and you have a phone number where you can use this app. In that case, you do not need to wander by downloading the Aadhar card, you will find everything online.

  • The same SIM card should be inserted into your Smartphone registered on your Aadhaar card.
  • OTP will be sent via TOTP (Single Time-Based Password), which will be automatically verified only.
  • To use a mAadhaar Card, you must have an Aadhaar QR Code Card or number.

Download & Set mAadhaar app:

Currently, the only mAadhaar app is launched for Android phones, this app is not available for iOS devices yet. It's written in the Google Play Marketplace and you can download it there. After downloading the mAadhaar App, it should be set. For this, you must have a Mobile Internet connection, in order for Aadhaar Card to be downloaded from UIDAI in the App.

It is very easy to download and use and you do not need to use any different strategy. You can usually download it from the play store and start using it. Here you will find all the steps to download and install to use them.

  • Open the app and read the guide, then set a password by pressing the Back Button (the password must contain at least 1 Character, 1 Number, and 1 Special Character).
How To Download mAadhaar App | Digitallybar

  • You can now enter your Aadhaar card number or if you have an Aadhaar QR Code where you can scan it again.
  • Once you enter the Aadhaar number, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your registered number, which will be automatically verified.
  • After OTP is verified, your Aadhaar profile will be displayed. You can now unlock it at any time by simply entering a password.

How To Download mAadhaar App | Digitallybar

Benefits of mAadhaar App

  • Many people think that when we can print and download an Aadhar card. So why use a cell phone and what are its benefits. But if you put a little mind, then you will understand what the benefits of Aadhaar are and how you can keep your personal information safe.
  • For the number of times you want to download or print an Aadhar card online, you must install OTP and verify it. But once you have registered with the app, you do not need to verify your OTP. You can view it by signing in with a password.
  • You get a QR code on the phone and you can scan that QR code anywhere and send your details anywhere.
  • In most places, you have to show the Aadhar card, so you can show it everywhere using the mobile app and this method also works at the airport. In that case, if you think you will have a problem, but nothing like this will happen.
  • TOTP is available, this only provides time-based authentication, so you can use it as a trusted device. For this, you do not need to verify OTP at the time you choose.

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