How much is the Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Price?

How much is the Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Price? Do you know how much the Olympic medals cost? No! After that, you are in the right place. We will find out more in this post, how much do the Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals cost?

And if an athlete wins one of the three medals, then he or she is awarded a prize in the Olympics. With this, we will also know in which country the next Olympics will be held and who was in the lead at this time.

By the way, no one can put a price on the Olympic medals because it is the fruit of an athlete's hard work. But the world is not just about applause, the player has done a lot to reach that point and he should also get the prize money. What everyone gets. In that case, the question arises as to what will be the price of the gold, silver, and bronze medals used in the Olympics?

As we all know, the Olympics are the biggest sports festival in the world, where almost every country in the world participates and with the exception of a few sports, you get to see every other sport at the Olympics. Herein all the games, three people are selected as the winner, with first place, second place, and third place. The player or team that comes first is awarded the Gold Medal and the player or team that comes after is awarded the Silver Medal and the runner-up will be awarded a Bronze medal.

How much do the Olympics cost?

Athletes from India have already won a total of 7 Olympic medals in this. In that one gold medal (Neeraj Chopra) he won 2 silver medals and four Bronze medals. Neeraj Chopra won gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics and received numerous awards and grants from the Government of India, businesses, and other services.

How much is the Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Price?

But all the Indian players have won medals. What if they want to know their prize? The list of Olympic medals is therefore made according to the metal used in it, here we will give the price of each medal, which is the most expensive.

This time the Olympics took place in Japan and in Japan it used gold from 62 old lakh phones to make medals and they were given some kind of medals. No one can put a price on a player's talent on the biggest stage in the world, but the prizes he gets are made of gold, silver, and bronze.

Price of Olympic Gold Medals in India:

The gold medal used in the Olympics is 556 grams. Offered by the player or team that won first place. If there were a gold medal, it would be about 556 grams, but it was made entirely of gold. It is made of a mixture of gold and silver and contains about 550 grams of silver and only 6 grams of gold.

So in such a case, the price of a gold medal together is almost Rs 59547.28. This time the Olympics were held in Japan and this time all the athletes received a gold medal of up to 32 kg and all the gold was used to do so. They were all released after donating old phones to the Japanese people. Statistically, 62 lakh phones have been donated by Japanese people. Do you know the price of gold?

Price of Olympic Silver Medals in India:

The Olympic silver medal weighed 550 grams and the purest silver was used to make it. According to today's market price, the price of a silver medal will be Rs 33495.35. If it is sold but so far no player will be able to sell his winning medal.

Anyone who takes second place in the Olympics, whether he is an athlete or a team, is awarded a silver medal. If there is a team then all the players will be given a silver medal as more people are included in the team. If there is only one player like tennis, badminton, lifting weights, only he is given a medal.

Price of Indian Olympic Bronze Medals:

The Olympic bronze medal used in the Olympics, called the Hindi bronze medal, weighs 450 grams. It is made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. Any player or team that finishes third in a match is awarded a Bronze medal. At present, the cost of a bronze medal for the Olympics is Rs 372.17.

Very little than silver and gold. However, it is an award given to a player's talent and a record is placed in his or her name to win a medal at the Olympic Games. This time Lovlina Borgohain won a bronze medal in India. Who was punching us?

How much does the Olympic Medal Winner receive a Cash prize?

Only medals are given to Olympic winners. But each country keeps the prize money for its players and the player who gets the gold, silver or bronze medal is given to the players. But a player who wins a country sometimes gets a lot more than a set price. As of this time Neeraj Chopra is the only Indian to have won a gold medal and has so far received a prize of more than 6 coins from all over India.

Bajrang Punia received about Rs 2 crore as a reward and many private and public organizations and the Government of India also offer rewards. As of this time BCCI has awarded Neeraj Chopra, 50 pounds for all silver medal winners and 1.25 crores in the hockey team. Similarly, Byjus, the largest online educational company, has donated $ 2 million to each recipient of the awards.

Whatever financial reward is available, it is available in the country. As in the Olympics, you get a name and a prize, the reward is given to your people. All countries around the world offer cash prizes to encourage their players to be able to improve their lives and continue to shine the country's name in the same way.

If we talk about where players get the most money, that country is Singapore. If a player wins a gold medal here, the local government gives him Rs 5,48,77,535 as a cash prize, Rs 2,74,75,998, and Rs 1,37,00768 to the silver winner. In this case, if there is a private company where it offers the business, that is a different matter.

There are many other such players who have done the job of selling medals. But now there is a strong Olympic directive that a country athlete must name it and its governments must ensure that the athlete is compelled to do so. India has won a total of 35 medals in Olympic history so far and there are no reports of any athlete selling his medal.

In which country will the next Olympics be held?

The Olympic Games are held every two years, during the summer season called the Olympics and the cool season called the Winter Olympics. But its biggest event is considered summer and it happens every four years. If we talk about the Winter Olympics, then they will be held in China in 2022. There are winter Olympic-related sports such as skating, snowboarding, ski jumping, skeleton, ice hockey, such games at the Olympics to be held in China, not to mention that the Olympic Games will be held in four years. This is because the winter and summer games are completely different from each other.

The next Olympic Games will be held in 2024 and will be in Paris, France, and in 2028 in Los Angeles, the United States, and in 2032 in Australia and beyond. So far there has never been a single Olympic Games held in India because in this case there are certain requirements and you have to achieve international standards.

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